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Amati s a drum manufacturer founded by Enzo Battezzati in 1959 in Turin, northern Italy, in the same premises where the Company is still based today, AMAT is an acronym for “Articoli Musicali Affini, Torino” (i.e. Music Items and Equivalent, Turin”)


Core Business

AMAT built its international reputation as a result of its wide product range (comprising over 200 drums manufactured in –line or customised by size, wood type, finishing, colours, logos, emblems and many other features.


AMAT’s attention to details and its Italian top-quality raw materials led the Company to be first choice for symphonic and theatre orchestras, music bands, folk and historical pageant groups that have become faithful customers over time.

As well as manufacturing, since inception the Company has carried out restoration work on any drums, such as (but not limited to) maintenance and restoration on damaged or missing parts, natural drum heads (goats and buffalo) and snares in natural fibre. Particular attention is given to the items’ original features, both in terms of structure and sound.

Achievements and awards

In 2004 was awards the “Piedmont Craftsmanship Excellence Prize” by the Piedmont Regional Council


In 2006 AMAT took an active role in the design and manufacturing of the “Tambeau” drum, displayed at the “Furniture Show” in Milan

In 2009 AMAT was awarded the “Business Loyalty Prize for Economic Development” by the Turin Chamber of Commerce in recognition of its 50 years in business


In 2011 AMAT actively worked with artist Alessandro Sciaraffa on his initiative “Ti Porto il Mare” (“I Will Bring You the Sea”), manufacturing the drums containing rolling circles of steel that produce the sound of the sea in the artist’s creation. This art piece was displayed in the main art galleries and exhibitions around Europe

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